Don't stress about corporate income taxes due on April 15th!

Introducing Every's Bookkeeping and Tax Service for Tech Startups helps tech startups with bookkeeping & taxes. VC-ready books.

Lisa Shmulyan
Accounting & Tax
February 15, 2024


We're excited to announce the launch of’s AI-enabled bookkeeping and tax service for tech startups. We help startups stay compliant, maximize government returns, and ensure their books are VC-ready for fundraises, board meetings, acquisitions, and audits.

Our financial software stack (cards, bill payments, and reimbursements) synced with Quickbooks and enabled with AI automates most of the bookkeeping work to save us time and money, so we can pass those savings on to founders. For transactions over $75, we automatically ask for receipts and memos. As companies scale, we will be 50% the cost of our leading competitors.

We set up Quickbooks for you and do accrual based - accounting - the gold standard for VC-backed startups. We ensure our startups are VC-ready by setting up the chart of accounts, classifying all of the transactions in the way your VC’s want to see them, and producing the P&L and financial statements for your startup. 

Included in this cost, we combine our software with white-glove concierge services. We have an in-house controller with decades of experience. He was the controller for Reddit, controller for Applovin from $0->$60M in ARR + IPO, and technically trained at Deloitte.

We also file your taxes, including corporate taxes, Delaware franchise taxes, the R&D tax credit, collect your W-9s and file your 1099 NEC’s, and more. 

Our offerings:

  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual accrual-based bookkeeping starting at $150/month
  • Corporate taxes, R&D Tax Credit, Delaware Franchise Tax, and more
  • P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow statements
  • Dedicated bookkeeper and controller


We built because we believe that founders should be able to focus on their product, sales, and marketing, not on back-office tasks. We want to take the burden of bookkeeping and taxes off founders' plates, so they can focus on growing their business.

How This Helps

Because at our core we are a software company with the mission of helping founders, we don’t overcharge or oversell unnecessary bookkeeping services. However, we also understand the importance of having clean books categorized in the way VCs want to see them, maintaining compliance, and maximizing tax returns. 

Before Series A, C-corps need to do bookkeeping and categorize transactions only for tax purposes. At this stage, we recommend quarterly or annual bookkeeping, depending on the startup’s spend. We also file all of the company’s necessary taxes including corporate taxes, Delaware franchise taxes, the R&D Tax Credit, file 1099s, and more. 

Once startups go out to raise their series A, we recommend monthly bookkeeping and ensure your books are VC and board-meeting ready. In addition to filing all of the startup taxes, we also perform audits and more as necessary. 


  • Save time and money on bookkeeping and taxes
  • Stay compliant by collecting and filing all necessary paperwork and taxes
  • Maximize government returns
  • Ensure your books are VC-ready
  • Focus on your product, sales, and marketing

Meet, bookkeeping & taxes for startups and entrepreneur

Spend less on bookkeeping with a bookkeeper that is enabled by AI.

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