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Adi Agashe
Co-founder and CEO at Fiber

Every is truly full service. I give them my highest recommendation to any founder looking to set up payroll and bookkeeping—you won't have to lift a finger.

george wang
Co-founder and CEO at stellar sleep

We had some complicated situations (e.g. payroll for contractors), and Every handled them super well. We were literally set up within an hour for contractors and within a day for W2 payroll.

mrinal singh
Co-founder @ onnix

Every has saved me valuable time from having to worry about payroll, accounting, and general back office logistics. They made it easy for us to focus on what is most important as a start up  – building!

eduard oravkin
Co-founder at medisearch

MediSearch is an early customer, and I am very impressed by how quick and helpful the founders are when I have a question. They even made Every have a lower exchange rate for international transfers, because that was an important point for us.

ohad navon
ceo & Co-founder at octo

Rajeev and Barry and the entire Every team are really building an amazing product!

mrinal singh
Co-founder at onnix

Fantastic deal - super efficient / personalized onboarding. Highly recommend.

egor gagin
Founder at Awning AI

One of the smoothest onboarding processes I've ever had! Great experience with Rajeev and the Every team, with simple setup and white glove support! Excited to keep using Every :)

Anand Valavalkar
Co-Founder/CEO at Twine

Great experience with Rajeev and the team! Super simple setup and great support!

Jesse Evans
COO @ Maverick BioMetals

Rajeev and the team at every are great! They are responsive and implement product feedback (relatively) quickly. I like having all my HR, tax, bookkeeping, and banking in one place.

Matt Green
Co-Founder @ Probably Nothing Labs Inc

Been using Every for several months now and had no issues. Founders have been very helpful/responsive and great to work with and the product is evolving at a fast pace.

luke groesbeck
Co-founder and CEO at foundation (ycs23)

As a founder, the last thing I need is to be thinking about all these details. Finding a single trusted source to handle all of them (well + efficiently), so I can focus on our customers & product is so valuable.

peter park
founder at alchemy

So much less overhead on setup and ongoing admin overhead vs prior experiences patching together solutions/ figuring out how to do this myself.

nicholas charriere
founder & ceo at axflow

FYI we started with Rippling but it was a nightmare to use. It’s clearly not optimized for small teams with low overhead. We ended up switching to Every. I’m very happy with this. Pricing is similar but you get a significantly simpler product, founder support, and you can email a human to help you with payroll, HR, or bookkeeping who responds promptly. Highly recommend!

caroline zhang
Co-founder and CEO at knowtex

We’re enjoying the Every experience and can’t wait to optimize our back office even more :)

omar dadabhoy
founder at arcimus

Every is great! Our choice for bank, payroll, HR, and benefits!

ishan agrawal
Founder at Branch AI

Love how comprehensive the offering is! It's a thoughtfully crafted product experience for Startups, so founders can just focus on building.

Josep Marc Mingot Hidalgo
Founder at Prosper

Very good onboarding and the solution looks super good so far. Highly recommended and continue with the good work!

jack chapman
Co-Founder / CEO at Cardinal Gray

Rajeev and Barry are awesome. Everything has been super quick and love being early so I can make feature requests and see them implemented.

ruby yu
Co-Founder at Ten Lives

Have been using Every for a few months for bookkeeping/taxes and banking. No problems and super responsive founders and team.

maharshi patel
Founder and CTO at Blockscope

The team at Every is very responsive and has been a great solution for us!

stephanie song
Co-founder and CEO at dili (yc s23)

Love the product, love being a customer, made my life and job as CEO so much easier <3

jeane carlos
Co-founder at recipeui (yc s23)

I initially tried to do Rippling and Gusto but got turned off by the friction with onboarding or with state filings. Every was 10 minutes (probably less)

edrei chua
Co-founder & CPO/CTO at stellar sleep is great - happy to be a customer!

brian brunner
founder at datashare

Setup has gone super smoothly and I’m even more excited for the incoming accounting launch 🙂

tushar soni
Co-founder at walletkit

Rajeev and team have been great in helping us set everything up. Huge time saver!

molly (stites) abbott
Co-founder at

Very easy onboarding experience. It was a no brainer to sign up for Every! Loving the product so far!

saharsh agrawal
Co-foundeCo-Founder & CEO at Surface Labs

Haven't thought about payroll at all since onboarding onto Every. Rajeev and team are great!

xavier de gracia
Founder at Prosper

Awesome experience onboarding and using the product! Highly recommend!

arjun b.
Co-founder of Overwatch Data

Rajeev and his team have been a pleasure to work with and helped catch us up after we fell behind on our taxes.

jocelyn kang
CTO/Cofounder @ Knowtex

Every has been a really smooth experience to use and the team is really open to feedback!

jesse beller
Co-Founder & CEO @ Terrace

Worked well with us since day one - comprehensive solution with better rates.