Get up to 2% cashback** redeemed to your personal bank account. Chat with us.

Ensure 100% of your funds are backed by the U.S. Government

Setup a banking infrastructure that safeguards your money. Up to $3M FDIC Insurance on Thread Bank deposits and an additional $5M FDIC Insurance via BNY Mellon Pershing*. Protect the remaining balance in 100% government-backed U.S. Treasuries.
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Earn up to 5.4% yield investing in U.S. Treasury Bonds*

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Multi-bank platform
Built so 100% of your funds are government 
Spending Account
Up to $3M FDIC Insurance*** available for funds on deposit
0% APR
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Money Market
Up to max $5M FDIC Insurance
Up to 4.9% APR
BNY Mellon Pershing
U.S. Treasury
100% U.S. Government-backed
Up to 5.4% APR
BNY Mellon Pershing is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services are provided by Thread Bank, Member FDIC.
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FDIC accounts to protect your funds

Deposits in BNY Mellon Pershing Cash Sweep Account are insured up to $5 million.*

Deposits in your Thread bank account are insured up to $2.5 million.*

Safely store your money in U.S. Treasuries

U.S. Treasuries are issued by the U.S. Department of Treasury. Treasury securities are considered one of the safest investments because they are backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government.
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Build a U.S. Treasury bond ladder

We will create a U.S. Treasury bond ladder that maximizes interest rates while ensuring you always have 6 months of working capital in liquid assets.

Issue unlimited cards in seconds

Issue unlimited virtual cards for you and your employees in seconds. Control spend before it happens by setting daily/monthly spend limits. Or create burner cards for one-time purchases.
virtual visa card user Johnny Wilson spend $97.34
Free ACH at 3-5 business days, $10 International Wire at 1-3 business days, $3 Wire at 1 business day, and free Check at 7-10 business days

Pay bills, collect W-9s, and file 1099-NECs

Pay bills via ACH, wire, and check. Automatically collect W-9s from vendors. At the end of the year, we file your 1099s.

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