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2024 H1 Updates: Treasury, Bill Pay, HR, & New Partner Integrations

New features include a Treasury autopilot with BNY Mellon, automated bill payments with tax compliance, and integrations for health, business, and 401k Roth insurance. We've also added HR and onboarding tools. Stay tuned for more updates!

Rajeev Behera Updates
February 15, 2024

I wanted to provide a short update on what we’ve been working on over the last six months. We’ve been heads down making strides to scale our operations and concierge support model which is the backbone of our value-add to busy Founders, and there are going to be some exciting updates that have been brewing on this end in the coming months. 

Treasury Management

Our Treasury solution is a full brokerage backed by BNY Mellon - not a general Omnibus or Money Market Fund that other providers have. It provides a safe, board-compliant backstop that earns a higher yield than money market funds and scales with your company’s growing deposits.

What’s new:

  • Treasury Page: View your treasury positions and recent transactions
  • Treasury Autopilot: Maximize yield while never worrying about running out of operating capital. Automate purchases of treasuries, with an automated balance check and transfer to your primary checking account.
  • Earn yield! 

Check out Treasuries.

Bill Payments with integrated Tax and Compliance

Part of our mission is to drive a fully integrated financial operating system for Founders. This includes the ability to pay bills synced to accounting and expense tracking. Oftentimes the admin work of sending and collecting tax forms from contractors and vendors can trigger compliance issues if they are missing. We built Every to be foolproof for Founders, not finance professionals. So we make bill payments dead simple. 

What you can do: 

  • Upload invoices and pay via ACH, Wire, or Check (we recently released the ability to issue and pay by paper checks)
  • Automatically send and collect W9 tax forms from vendors (this is a huge hassle!)
  • Sync with accounting (Quickbooks) and file the expense for both Founder and Accountant

You can find the Bill Pay feature under the Banking Tab.

Partner Integrations

Other features we released: HR and Onboarding

  • Offer Letters (incl. CIAA)
  • International Contractors
  • Hourly Timesheets 

Meet Every, setup your entire back office in one place

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