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Recap: Every x Founders Village Partnership to Promote Founders in the Silicon Valley Community

Rajeev shared his insights on company building and finance.

Lisa Shmulyan Updates
February 15, 2024

Who is Founders Village?

Every announced a partnership with Founders Village - a community of 5,000+ founders, 2,100 investors, and 1,500 engineers in Silicon Valley. Their mission is to create a village to raise a startup.

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Every makes it easy to manage all the back office operations a startup needs. We offer Bank Accounts, Corporate Cards, Corporate Treasury, Bill Payments, HR, Payroll, and Benefits.

Event Highlights

Rajeev shared his insights on company building and finance -

  • "The only two skills a founder needs are product and marketing skills. You don't need to know sales or customer success - you'll figure that stuff out."
  • "At the very beginning, it's all about finding product-market fit. You keep talking to customers, you come up with a product, and hopefully something hits. As soon as it hits, you're going to go on that journey wherever it goes. It's either going to go to $2 million total in revenue, 10, 20, 50, 100, but you will have that curve unless you pivot"
  • "For the first $10 million in revenue, you can hammer it out yourself, but after this it's all about your team."
  • "There's such a big difference between a founder who can fundraise and one who can't. It's literally all about story-telling."
  • "I took two years after my last company, Reflektive, to spend time with my kids. During the pandemic, the U.S. Economy was supported by tech. Realizing how amazing tech was for the U.S. Economy made me want to get involved in it again. However, I didn't want to be an investor. When I look around the room here, there might be 5 $1 billion companies in the making in the audience. I love supporting dreamers who have the guts to try building a company. Everyone wants to build a best in class startup. I asked myself - Can I set up everyone up with the best in class processes so they can become a best in class startup? So as a founder you can focus on product not on admin stuff - which took up 40% of my time at my last startup."

Watch full event here:

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